MAC; 10/19/2017

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 9:14:00 AM

Super Bowl Notes & Updates
October 19, 2017
Airports Community Super Bowl Mission Statement:
Boldly welcoming Super Bowl LII to Minnesota, where our people are surprisingly warm, the airport communities world-class, and the experience unforgettable.
1. Introductions
2. Operational Improvements Update – Brendan Moore with Knutson Construction gave an update on the Vertical Circulation project which is slated to be completed by January 19, 2018.
3. Disney Training Report: Elle Kehoe (Super Bowl Committee) and Jeff Prauer (Airport Foundation) gave an overview of the training they received at the Disney Training Center in California.
4. De-Ice Subcommittee report: Mark Miller kept everyone on the edge of their seat with his thrilling Super Bowl deicing presentation. Phil Burke had to interrupt Mark several times to remind those in attendance to breathe, as he noticed they were so focused on Mark’s every word that they were trying not to blink or breathe so they wouldn’t take the chance of possibly missing any of the brilliance that was on display
5. MSP Committees Reports:
Accessibility – nothing to report but you can contact Ken Rodgers if you have questions, etc. at
Airfield – The Airfield Committee is wrapping up the sub-committee meetings, with the ATC taxi route meeting happening on 10/25. The next step will be to finalize the Airfield CONOPS Plan.
Airlines – nothing to report.
Airport Development – No update.
Arts – Met with Rogers and Ramona Damiani and concluded that Braille would be too cluttered and expensive. Both suggested beacons or some electronic wayfinding software that can be used throughout both terminals. However, MAC IT says they wouldn't be able to provide those services by Super Bowl.
Everything else: the Performing Arts Spectacular, Drum corps for family charter flights, sports exhibit - all coming along.
Branding/wayfinding – The Branding Committee attended and reported MAC activities and preparations at the 10/5 Host Committee Wayfinding meeting. The Committee met with MAC Public Affairs and Marketing to explore creating fast motion wayfinding videos for a paths between arrivals and each mode of ground transportation including Metro Transit; the videos would be posted on the MAC website and be linked to the Host Committee’s “Know Before You Go” page. The NFL reviewed the proposed décor mock-ups and anticipate finalizing the locations for branding soon. The Committee will begin cross-committee conversations on post-event collateral recycling efforts. The Committee coordinated a call between the TNC and Taxi licensing reps from MAC, Minneapolis, and St Paul to brainstorm ways to get drivers the Host Committee Hospitality Training and wayfinding updates related to the Super Bowl.
 5 Super Bowl merchandise pop-up shops (3 at T1 and 2 at T2).
 Working with 3LS and Super Bowl Space Use Committee to delineate merchandising display rules
 Confirming hours of operations and seeking 24 hour convenience locations for 2/4 and finalizing alcohol service hours for 2/4 and 2/5
 Signed restaurant lease for Holman Field to open in January called Holman Table
Customer Service - Surprise and Delight/Customer Service
Customer Service: MSP Foldable map and Tip Sheet
1. Use a foldable map of MSP- highlighting major points Uber, cab pick-up, baggage, lost and found, etc.
2. On other side, point out facts about return trip- security wait times, dropping off baggage, light rail : 5-4-3-2-1
3. Who receives these? Order 50,000- half will go to employees (more details below); other half will be handed out in surprise and delight campaign component (more details below). These will also be given to all volunteers, all TA booths, Uber/Taxi pick up areas, Bag claim, and rental car. All MSP employees and volunteers will have one in hand, with 30,000 remaining to be given to passengers.
4. Once printed we will disburse to employees by attending staff meetings throughout January, sharing the maps, tip sheets, as well as a treat to celebrate employees . We will contact organizations in November/December to try to schedule as many pop in’s as possible, but really focus on front line employees- Carts, Wheelchairs, Rental Cars, concessions and Retail, Airlines. Finalize plans on T1 and T2 separate maps or not.
Customer Service: Lost and Found
1. PAM is working with Landside to identify lost and found operational efficiencies in order to improve the customer’s experience in claiming lost items.
Surprise and Delight:
1. Order 25,000 hand warmers that say “MSP- Surprisingly Warm” and attach the MSP map and tip sheet to it
2. Surprise and Delight team will be handing this out arrivals week in shifts, welcoming passengers to MN and letting them know navigating tips and departure tips are on here, so hold on to it.
Customs & Border Protection – nothing to report.
Emergency Preparedness
1. Con Ops Plans:
a. Waiting on one last plan submission from Concessions
b. Have begun reviewing and working towards consolidation into one Con Ops plan for the airport. Expect to have draft of consolidated plan by Nov 16th meeting.
c. Offer to any of the airlines my assistance with completing a Con Ops plan to be included in the overall airport plan. Please contact me for the template, assistance or both.
2. Reviewed the Reliever Airports Airside and Landside Operations Plan and Big Game presentation to St Paul Holman Field. Will continue to work with Relievers to coordinate emergency preparedness as needed.
3. Training has been scheduled:
a. Assist Team 101 training took place Oct 9th
b. ICS and IAP training for Command Staff to take place Nov 30th
c. ICS and IAP training for EOC Staff to take place Dec 13th
d. Senior Officials Workshop for Commissioners and Senior Staff to take place Dec 18th
e. Temporary Morgue/DPMU Trailer training to take place with Field Maintenance and Trades on Nov 29th
f. Communications Exercise to take place Jan 11th
4. EOC Staffing plan and battle rhythm being drafted in conjunction with Police/ Fire and Senior Staff
5. ACERT and TA Super Bowl volunteers- strategic placement for emergency response being discussed.
6. Map requests for the City of Minneapolis due by Fri Nov 3rd
7. Final draft of the Minneapolis Con Ops plan under review
8. HSIN access has been granted by the Shakopee Mdwtk Sioux Public Safety Director for shared Common Operating picture with events at Mystic Lake
Environment – Environment is working with three different groups – Sustainability, MSP Deicing and Reliever Deicing. However, our attention is currently concentrated on the Reliever deicing because it somewhat more “unique” then MSP due the potential amounts of deicing fluid that may be sprayed. Environment Affairs is working with the MCES for properly disposal of any collected glycol impacted stormwater.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – See attached PowerPoint presentation.
Fire Department – Fire & EMS Committee will be meeting in November to put together staffing plan to cover scheduled events, increased general aviation aircraft and high passenger loads.
Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Signature – We have completed our Welcome Packets and we are now sending them to anyone who secures a slot time for the event.
Information Technology – nothing to report.
Law Enforcement –
 Our core staffing plan is complete. All core positions have been identified and we are starting to plug officer names into those positions.
 Reminded everyone if there are specific law enforcement requests to get them in to the APD within the next month so our staffing plan can be finalized. Last minute requests may not be able to be covered by the APD unless they have an exigent circumstance, or other urgency about them, making them a priority.
 Discussed the ongoing Human Trafficking training that Detective Mari Askerooth has been providing, including recent presentations at AMC, T2 Users meeting and the Security Consortium. Detective Askerooth continues to provide her 2 hour training to
anyone at the airport who requests it. She is also available to give a shorter presentation/overview of the topic if anyone is interested. You may contact her directly at: Detective Mari Askerooth,, Office: 612-467-0528,
Cell: 612-387-8314
Media & Marketing – MAC, Delta, and NFL representatives met Oct. 9 to talk about the logistics of the team arrivals media event that will take place Sunday, January 28. Tasks were assigned and the group will meet again in early January with email check-ins in November and December. Melissa Scovronski is coordinating for the MAC and ensuring all stakeholders and players have the information they need for this to be a phenomenally successful event.
Mpls Police Department Aviation Dept – nothing to report
MN Host Committee – nothing to report.
National Business Aviation Association – nothing to report.
NFL – nothing to report
Regional Airports – nothing to report.
Reliever Airports – Reliever Airport staff provided an update on deicing operations. FBOs will take in account people, equipment and fluid volumes. More than 52,000 Type 1 gallons have been secured. Type IV will be offered on a limited basis. Equipment will be purchased or leased. Staffing levels have been determined as well with experienced leadership.
 is working with Recycle Across America (RAA) to re-label all MSP public-facing terminal trash and recycling bins in time for SBLII; RAA’s mission is to implement society-wide standardized labeling to improve recycling rates, which have been declining in recent years; USBank Stadium is using RAA’s labels, so SBLII travelers through MSP will see consistent messaging in both venues
 will reach out to Ken Rodgers, Affirmative Action Officer & Disability Program Coordinator for MN Department of Transportation, to discuss including braille on the MSP terminal trash and recycling bins
 met with the Airport and Airlines Affairs Committee and the Airport Managers Council in support of the MN Host Sustainability Committee’s goal of making SBLII the most sustainable ever by communicating MSP air carriers’ passenger carbon offset programs; carriers are asked to share their program information with MAC Sustainability who will work with MAC Public Affairs & Marketing to publish the information on the SBLII resource page on; the idea is to provide passengers the opportunity to offset the carbon impact of their flight(s)
Terminal Operations
 Facilities is ordering 500 sleeping mats. This will give us a total of approximately 1,100.
 New carpet is ordered for T1 and T2:
- 5,000 sq. yards – T1 field carpet – replacement to occur in pre-determined locations
- 3,150 sq. yards – T2 – replacement in baggage claim only
T2 – working with several sub-committees on T2 items; volunteers, marketing and advertising, Pop-up retail, landside, etc. TA volunteers will use T2 conference room (HT-3200), host committee volunteers will use two room in the GTC area as approved by Steve Holes. Working on four charter flight requests, two of which are international flights, these are in addition to the friend and family flights. Currently planning to put friends and family charter flights on H6 and/or H14, depends on actual flight times and aircraft types, will finalize plan once we know the teams and airlines. Awaiting more information about the charter buses for the friends and family flights, bus locations have been worked out with Landside Op’s and APD. Ongoing cleaning/repairs of terminals and carpet project. New PBB/BHS contract will start in December, hope to have extra staff on site during Super Bowl week. Working with Airport Development on installation of unstaffed exit equipment (checkpoint 1), hope to be ready 1/19/18.
Terminal Space Requests
The Terminal Space Request group continues to meet every other Tuesday. As a reminder, please submit terminal space requests with the link below. The Terminal Space Request group will review all requests for space in the terminals and work to determine the highest and best use of the space should there be multiple requests for the same area. We can also assist should your committee have a need for space, but are not certain where in the terminals would be an optimal location.
To assist you in getting your request in for review, we have developed a space request form. We ask that you fill out the request form with as much detail as possible in order to give us a good understanding of the request.
MSP Super Bowl Space Request Form
Transportation/Rental Cars – Staffing schedules are being created and resources are being explored with the APD. T1 commercial vehicle lot expansion is underway and will be completed by the end of the month. Stakeholder meetings have been scheduled and will continue up to the event.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – nothing to report.
 Lynn and Elizabeth continue to book volunteers at T-1 and they spent the last 2 weeks working on scheduling vests for volunteers. Orders for vests closed last Thursday and were submitted to the manufacturer. More vests have been purchased by the MAC for individuals who did not make the two Thursday closings (this was the latest from Phil).
 T-1 and T-2 space requirements are pretty much worked out with Mark Bents for the Host Committee pre-security and post-security for volunteers.
 We met with T-2 management last week. They are already defining flight schedules and some charters for the ten days of Super Bowl.
 They have defined critical areas of traffic in the terminal.
 We will meet in the next couple of weeks to review everything at T-2.
Please send notes & updates to
Next Meeting: November 16 from 9-11 am
Location: T1-Lindbergh, Airport Conference Center – Commission Chambers
John Anderson, Airport Foundation
Kevin Baker, City of Mankato
Elizabeth Beck, Airport Foundation
Mark Bents, MAC
Brian Bourbeau, Premier Jet
Dave Burke, MAC
Phil Burke, MAC
Betsy Campbell, Delta
Joseph Carney, S St Paul Airport
Bob Carter, Kraus-Anderson
Kyle Chank, MN Super Bowl Committee
Carly Davidson, Signature Flight
Terry Ferguson, Travelers Assist
Shane Forsman, Kraus-Anderson
Sean Fortier, FAA
Dan Foster, MAC
Sara Freese, MAC
Shannon Gale, MAC
Steve Gentry, MAC
Liz Grzechowiak, MAC
Matthew Hall, Signature
Joe Harris, MAC
Jared Hartfied, MAC
Jay Hassett, Delta
Keith Helgeson, FAA
Sheila Her, Super Bowl
Steve Holes, MAC
Toni Howell, MAC
Angela Johnson, Elliott Aviation
Katlyn Kaiser, MAC
Elle Kohoe, Super Bowl
Heather Leide, MAC
Kurt Mara, FAA
Dave McMahon, TSA
Mark Miller, MAC
Brendan Moore, Knutson Constr
Brian Nevanen, CBP
Dan O’Brien, Sun Country
Craig Olson, MAC
John Ostrom, MAC
Brian Peters, MAC
Brian Peterson, TSA
Jeff Prauer, Airport Foundation
Karen Racek, MAC
Marc Rensch, FBI
Isabella Rhawie, MAC
Bridget Rief, MAC
Robyne Robinson, Airport Foundation
Keith Roediger, MAC
Kristi Rollwagen, MAC
Melissa Scovronski, MAC
Christine Sirois Kron, MAC
Terry TenCate, American
Jake Teske, Thunderbird Aviation
Philip Tiedeman, SSP
Chris Tutka, TSA
Arnold Vang, CDC
Kate Webb, MAC
John Welbes, MAC


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