MAC; 11/16/2017

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 12:11:00 PM

November Super Bowl Notes & Updates
Airports Community Super Bowl Mission Statement:
Boldly welcoming Super Bowl LII to Minnesota, where our people are surprisingly warm, the airport communities world-class, and the experience unforgettable.
MSP Committees Reports:
Accessibility –Please contact Ken Rodgers by phone with any last minute questions or assistance needs.
Airfield – see attached information.
Airlines – nothing to report.
Airport Development – no update.
Arts – no update.
Branding/wayfinding – no update.
• Negotiating final leases for sole operator to manage 5 pop up retail locations between T1 and T2.
• Delineated merchandising display protocols, process and expectations established by MAC for existing Operators with use clause agreements allowing for the sale of sports memorabilia.
• Creating a Super Bowl Hours of Operations overview for February 4 and 5 to be distributed in late November.
Customer Service
We are currently working with Public Affairs and Marketing on our materials for our handouts for Surprise and Delight- we will have a map of MSP highlighting the most important info of getting passengers IN and OUT quickly- such as Uber/Lyft pick up, taxis, rental cars, etc as well as the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown for arrivals. We will also be attending the Fan First train the trainer event next week, so we can share this information when we meet with other groups for a Super Bowl customer service training overview in January.
Customs & Border Protection – nothing to report.
Emergency Preparedness – ConOps plan being assembled and to be briefed to group on December 21. Many training and exercises going on to prepare staff.
Environment – nothing to report.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - See attached update.
Fire Department
The ConOps plan has been submitted to Kristi Rollwagen. Airport Fire and Allina are finalizing their staffing plans in November. Although specific Super Bowl event details are not known, the staffing plan does rely on increased staffing levels for both Fire and EMS personnel at predicted event times and increased travel times at the airport.
Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Signature
• Securing airfare for all out of town help
• Completed employee playbook and we will be hosting WebEx calls after the holidays to get all out of town employees up to speed on what to expect
• All charter screening will be conducted in office space on the DHL ramp during the event
Information Technology – nothing to report
Law Enforcement - See attached Super Bowl Badging Plan.
Media & Marketing – nothing to report.
Mpls Police Department Aviation Dept – nothing to report.
MN Host Committee
“Know Before You Go” launched on Monday, Nov. 13. We would like to emphasize that this is a working document that will continue to be updated as plans are confirmed. The best way to up-to-date is to visit our website ( We have travel routes, parking information, public transportation options and pertinent road closures highlighted in the document. We have talked with Melissa & Kate about including MSP content when it is ready to be released. We will be in contact shortly to meet with the FBOs about the Welcome Program we are planning to implement. The NFL will be back in town from December 4-7 for the final round of planning meetings. We held our Volunteer Orientation on Sunday, Nov. 12 @ Xcel Energy Center, and we had a great turnout (over 9,000 volunteers).
National Business Aviation Association – nothing to report
NFL nothing to report.
Regional Airports – nothing to report.
Reliever Airports
Landside transportation and signage details are being finalized. Airport staff continues to work with stakeholders on training personnel and operational exercises. A series of meetings continue with Department of Homeland Security and local law-enforcement agencies. Airport user meetings are being held to inform tenants of what they need to know to operate during Super Bowl week.
• Recycle Across America labeling will be installed on all public-facing trash and recycling bins in T1 and T2 the week of 4 December
• We’re working with Dolan Printing to identify an option for including braille messaging on the bins; that messaging will not be installed at the same time as the labels, but should be in place in time for SBLII
Terminal Operations
T1 – Facilities, Trades and EMC have established scheduling for increased and 24 hour coverage during the 10 day event.
T2 – Waiting for information regarding the friends and family charter flights that will operate at T2. Expect this information after the two teams are known.
Terminal Space Requests
The Terminal Space Request group continues to meet every other Tuesday. As a reminder, please submit terminal space requests with the link below. The Terminal Space Request group will review all requests for space in the terminals and work to determine the highest and best use of the space should there be multiple requests for the same area. We can also assist should your committee have a need for space, but are not certain where in the terminals would be an optimal location.
To assist you in getting your request in for review, we have developed a space request form. We ask that you fill out the request form with as much detail as possible in order to give us a good understanding of the request.
MSP Super Bowl Space Request Form
Transportation/Rental Cars
• Discussions w/ TNC’s regarding event pick-up procedures is now happening.
• Landside continues to meet with various stakeholders including; MN Chauffeured Transportation Association, Metro Connections, Host Committee, DMV, CBS and NBC.
• Staffing schedule is complete for the event.
• An MOU is being reviewed between the 934th and MAC regarding the use of the Officer’s Club parking lots for the storage of Enterprise Rental Cars.
• Signature has shared their transportation plan with the department.
• Landside is working w/ PAM in creating informational handouts to operators as they enter the staging lots at Post Road.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
1. Federal Air Marshal VIPR team identified to support the airport. The team will integrate with APD and the integration planning is on-going.
2. Screening Operations is planning for 24 hour operations starting Sunday at T1 and T2. Have coordinated for additional staff from other airports to augment the operation. Internally establishing shift schedules and assignment locations.
3. Coordinated with TSA screening equipment maintainers to augment supplies and staff to support the heavy departure loads.
4. Working with the FBOs at St Paul (Holman Field) and MSP to finalize gateway screening during the TFR hours.
We are defining critical needs for volunteer assistance.
Friday February 2:
T1 - 57 roving volunteers/7 booths.
T2 - 24 roving volunteers/3 booths.
Saturday February 3:
T1- 69 roving volunteers/8 booths.
T2 - 24 roving volunteers/ 5 booths.
Monday February 5
T1 - 72 roving volunteers/8 booths.
T2 - 32 roving volunteers/ 5 booths.
Please contact to schedule.
Committees** Please send notes & updates to
Next Meeting: December 21 from 9-11am
Location: T1-Linbergh, Airport Conference Center – Commission Chambers


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