MAC; 7/20/2017

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Thursday, July 20, 2017 10:04:00 AM

Super Bowl Notes & Updates July 20, 2017


Airports Community Super Bowl Mission Statement:

Boldly welcoming Super Bowl LII to Minnesota, where our people are surprisingly warm, the airport communities world-class, and the experience unforgettable.

  1. Introductions


  1. Concept of Operations Plan – Kristi Rollwagen gave an update on the Concept of Operations Plan.  When you look at the airport committee structure, not everyone will need to have a full-fledged Concept of Operations plan as it may be tied into other committee plans. If you have questions about that, please do not hesitate to ask. Kristi hopes to have a draft plan from everyone by September 1 so she can assemble it into a master document for the airport and present it back to this group.  November and December meetings will focus on the training, planning and execution of the Airport Concept of Operations Plan.


  1. MSP Committees Reports: Accessibility – nothing to report

Airfield – MSP Aircraft Parking Committee


The Aircraft Deicing and Aircraft Movement Working Groups met on June 30 and July 18 respectively.  The Snow Removal Working Group is scheduled to meet on July 25.


The Working Group members determined that all general aviation aircraft will deice on 3 positions at the 17 Deicing Pad. Signature is working with IDS to see if they can come to an agreement on IDS providing aircraft deicing services.  The parking areas have been assigned color codes and an updated map will be provided once it is available.


The Aircraft Movement Working Group reviewed aircraft arrival and departure movements from the runways to the parking positions and then to the 17 Deicing Pad. Preferred routes were discussed and will be identified once they are finalized by ATCT.


We are also working with the FAA Airports District and Regional Offices on their requirements for a safety plan.


Airlines – nothing to report


Airport Development – no update


Arts – no update


Branding/wayfinding – The Branding Committee toured St Paul Holman Field with members of the Host Committee to discuss collateral kit ideas for the Relievers Out State Airports, and the FBOs. A tour of Signature MSP is scheduled for August. The Committee is currently vetting the latest NFL request for décor locations.


Concessions – Received Commission authority to proceed with development of new St Paul Holman Field restaurant Expedition at Holman Field.

Received confirmation for the utilization of approximately 12 pop up locations at Terminal 1 & 2. Overlayed them with the in terminal advertising assets and the requested Host Committee and NFL assets. Will finalize locations in month ahead.

Informally promoted opportunities to existing tenants and will formalize the opportunity and distribute a notice to tenants with an existing use clause permitting them to sell sports merchandise.


Finalizing the application and award process with MAC legal for the sale of memorabilia. Customer Service

Surprise and Delight: There will be two campaigns- first is a week before giveaway to arrivals, embracing MSP and the North. The second will be an interactive social media campaign taking place the week prior, and on display for those departing the following week.


Customer Service: We will be trying to duplicate what volunteers are learning in training and share that message with all 18,000 employees- right now we still need to brainstorm how to get the message out and to ensure that every employee is being reached out to!


Customs & Border Protection – See attached. CBP provided this to MAC, NFL and FAA for posting.


Emergency Preparedness – Just a reminder to be working on the concept of operations plans to be submitted to Kristi Rollwagen by September 1st. Kristi is available to assist anyone who may have questions about the template.



MSP Deicing Taskforce Meeting

  • Deicing will be in contained areas Relievers
    • Received the Ops specifics and we are in the process of finalizing glycol collection and processing plans
    • IDS will not be doing deicing - over $400, 000 per airport
    • FBO will be deicing
    • Meeting with FBO and working on type 1 and type 2 fluids
    • We are coordinating with Delta to facilitate fluid options for FBOs


Working with Communities on Noise

  • Working with city leaders and FAA on communication program


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) See attached presentation.


Fire Department – no update


Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Signature

  • All deicing will be conducted on the 17/35 deice pad during the event
  • Anticipate a decision will be made on whether Signature Flight has IDS deice or if we will do it in house by next month’s meeting
  • Aircraft parking areas outside of Signature’s leasehold have been color coded for simplicity.


Information Technology – nothing to report


Law Enforcement – no update


Media & Marketing – no update


Mpls Police Department Aviation Dept – nothing to report


MN Host Committee – The Host Committee has started to narrow its focus on the welcome plan, especially for those arriving into the FBOs. We took a tour of St. Paul Holman Field to gauge the branding opportunities at the Terminal Building as well as St. Paul Flight Center and Signature – St. Paul. We are working with Kate Webb to set up a similar tour of Signature – MSP. We will have NFL Transportation in town the week of July 31, and we will have meetings with the FAA, Landside Operations & TSA. We have also begun our planning related to Snow and Ice Control. We will loop in MSP Field Maintenance into the conversation, so they are aware of the overall scope of the plan. We continue to work with our Wayfinding Subcommittee to establish a uniform way to get visitors around the Twin Cities.

National Business Aviation Association – nothing to report NFL – no update

Regional Airports – nothing to report


Reliever Airports - Staff hosted a meeting with FBOs and environment to discuss roles and responsibilities related to deicing operations. Staff is working on the airfield plans for FAA ADO review. These plans will be finalized 1 September. Security and landside details are underway.




  • Super Kids Super Sharing – Will take place Monday, 15 January 2018. Previously, the NFL focused on schools within 30-mile radius of the city where the Super Bowl was being held; emphasizing that SBLII is a Minnesota event, the program is reaching out to out-state schools as well. Outreach to private schools for participation as donors has begun.


  • Post-event Materials Recovery – Work on this topic will begin in earnest in the fall. Focus will be on gathering as many identified materials as possible after the event for re- use and re-purposing.
  • Prepared Food Diversion – The NFL has identified Second Harvest as the primary agency handling food rescue for SBLII. Second Harvest will identify groups/organizations to recover food from official NFL-sanctioned events taking place before and during the Super Bowl.



  • The “Guide to Selecting Generators and Stationary Engines” document – outlining best practices – has been completed and is ready for distribution. (See attached)


Terminal Operations


T1 - Discussion related to terminal space use. Working with MAC staff to balance the needs of concessions/retail, volunteers and travelers assistance. Also discussed with MAC staff related to advertising and NFL promotions within the terminals.


T2 - Super Bowl subcommittee continues to meet and discuss planning and operational items for T2. We are working with Southwest and Sun Country to review their winter schedules and determine gate availability for the friends and family charters and ad hoc operators. Additionally, MAC painters finalized modifications to H14 to convert it from a narrow body gate to a wide body gate, which will allow us to accommodate up to a B767 aircraft at H14 without any impacts to the adjacent gate (H13).


Terminal Space Requests -  The Terminal Space Request group meets every other Tuesday. To date, we have received requests and addressed space needs for retail pop-up shops, advertising and NFL branding. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 1 with the Foundation, Traveler’s Assistance and Arts & Culture on the agenda.

As a reminder, please submit terminal space requests with the link below. The Terminal Space Request group will review all requests for space in the terminals and work to determine the highest and best use of the space should there be multiple requests for the same area. We can also assist should your committee have a need for space, but are not certain where in the terminals would be an optimal location.


To assist you in getting your request in for review, we have developed a space request form. We ask that you fill out the request form with as much detail as possible in order to give us a good understanding of the request.


MSP Super Bowl Space Request Form


Transportation/Rental Cars - New layout of the commercial vehicle lanes was completed and presented to senior staff. This is an important milestone as infrastructural changes need to be completed before the ground freezes. Work on the project will begin in the next few weeks and will be completed by the middle of October. The new layout will substantially expand the footprint for the commercial vehicle lanes to meet the increased demand. E- ParkElite will be relocated to Pink Ramp with a separate entrance.


Staff continues to work with the Host Committee and NFL Representatives to determine the permitting and operational requirements for the courtesy vehicle fleet. Waiting on some data from NFL and Host Committee.


Staff has been communicating with the airports that have previously hosted the event. This includes Houston, Phoenix and San Francisco. With information provided by MAC Airside


group from their recent visit to Indianapolis, we are going to add that airport to our list of resources.


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – no update



All volunteers with permanent assignments at Information booth contacted and:

-                  Verified whether-or-not they planned on working their regular shift (8A-12N; 12N- 4P; or 4P-8P) SAT/27JAN-TUE/30JAN;


-                  Adjusted shifts for those volunteers (6A-10A; 10A-2P; 2P-6P; or 6-9P) from WED/31JAN-MON/05FEB;


ALL booths allocated two chairs per shift (majority of booths one chair positions) SAT/27JAN-MON/05FEB;


Added MAC volunteers to database and have scheduled those who responded with a TA Volunteer;


“Advertised” early confirmation for TA Volunteers wishing to work an Information Booth during a 6A-10A shift or a 6P-9P shift – the most difficult time slots to schedule (NOTE: TA schedule is 60 days out for scheduling);


Continue to assess schedule needs and “advertise” openings as needed with the goal of having slots filled prior to 60 day out normal process;


PLENTY OF GO GUIDE slots open;


Volunteers on MSPcrew52 hesitant to commit too much as they still need 3 shifts to earn their bling.


Committees** Please send notes & updates to


Next Meeting:  August 17 from 9-11am

Location:  T1-Lindbergh, Airport Conference Center – Commission Chambers



Kevin Baker, City of Mankato Elizabeth Beck, Airport Foundation Mark Bents, MAC

Charlie Beuning, MAC Phil Burke, MAC Lindsay Butler, FAA

Elizabeth Campbell, Delta Joseph Carney, S St Paul Airport

Kyle Chank, MN Super Bowl Committee Barry Collins, MAC

Terry Ferguson, Travelers Assist Sean Fortier, FAA

Dan Foster, MAC Roy Fuhrmann, MAC Greg Fuller, MAC Steve Gentry, MAC

Liz Grzechowiak, MAC Matthew Hall, Signature Flight Joe Harris, MAC

Jay Hassett, Delta Chuck Hines, Delta Steve Holes, MAC Katlyn Kaiser, MAC Kathleen Koetz, CBP Chris Kummer, MAC

Steve Mahon, Sun Country Kurt Mara, FAA

Mark Miller, MAC Jeff Nawrocki, MAC



Nancy Nistler, FAA

Dan O’Brien, Sun Country Craig Olson, MAC

John Ostrom, MAC Doug Perry, FAA Joe Potter, FAA Dennis Probst, MAC Karen Racek, MAC

Isabella Rhawie, MAC

Robyne Robinson, Airport Foundation Becky Roering, TSA

Atif Saeed, MAC

Kyle Schmaltz, Signature Melissa Scovronski, MAC Christine Kron Sirois, MAC Scott Skramstad, MAC Jeff St Germain, FAA

Andres Stone, St Cloud Airport Anna Swift, St Cloud Airport Elliott Tanin, MAC

Philip Tiedeman, S St Paul Airport Chris Tutka, TSA

Eduardo Valencia, MAC Arnold Vang, CDC

Kate Webb, MAC John Welbes, MAC

Jonas Wohlberedt, MAC

Kevin Wright, MN Super Bowl Committee






Tom Werner, Duluth Charity Zich, Eau Claire Jason Gillet, La Cross

There were others but I couldn’t hear them


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