MAC; 8/24/2017

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Thursday, August 24, 2017 11:46:00 AM

Super Bowl Notes & Updates
August 17, 2017

Airports Community Super Bowl Mission Statement:
Boldly welcoming Super Bowl LII to Minnesota, where our people are surprisingly warm, the airport communities world-class, and the experience unforgettable.

1. Introductions
2. Phil Burked talked about the Transportation Research Board – Airport Cooperative Research Program – Synthesis 57 Airport Response to Special Events book. If you’re interested in having a copy, contact
3. Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) Update – Kristi
Rollwagen (Emergency Response) & Sue Donovan (MAC IT). HSIN is a secured national database for sensitive but unclassified information. HISN is not only a repository but a place for people to pull information back out from Federal, State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, International, private sector, Homeland Security partners. The website is about information sharing and making sure that there is a common operating picture for an event. HSIN is a web-based, secured site with over 60,000 registered users. You can host web conferences, manage workflow, messaging, etc. When it comes time for planning to become operational, you will get real-time monitoring as to what’s going on. MAC will be using this database for the Super Bowl and other events like CrashEx 2018. If you would like more information or access to HSIN, contact
4. MSP Committees Reports:
Accessibility – nothing to report but you can contact Ken Rodgers if you have questions, etc. at
Airfield – Since our July meeting, the Snow Removal Working Group met on July 25 to discuss equipment assignments, procedures and responsibilities for snow removal in aircraft parking areas.
On July 31, we met with the MAC Electricians to review the proposed plan for the removal of lights and signs on Runway 4/22 and Taxiways M and L. The Electricians estimate that it will take 160 staff hours of 4 electricians working 40 hours each to remove the lights and signs on the proposed movement area surfaces. It will take the same amount of time to replace them.
MAC and FAA ATCT met to discuss a contingency plan in the event that Runway 4/22 was needed for aircraft operations. Based on the amount of time needed to replace lights and signs on Runway 4/22, it was agreed that this contingency plan would not be activated unless there was a multi-day need for the runway. The contingency plan is to close Runway
17/35 and relocate aircraft that are parked on Runway 4/22 to 17/35. Signature estimates that it will take 20-25 minutes to relocate an aircraft from 4/22 to 17/35 and then return to 4/22 for another aircraft. After the aircraft are relocated and the lights and signs are replaced on 4/22, the runway would be opened for operations.
MAC and Signature are planning to tour the aircraft parking areas on August 18.
Airlines – nothing to report.
Airport Development – no update.
Arts – no update.
Branding/wayfinding – The Branding Committee toured Signature MSP and Flying Cloud with members of the Host Committee to discuss collateral kit ideas for the Relievers, Out State Airports, and the FBOs as well as to discuss the Host Committee's VIP Committee plans to welcome guests at certain FBOs. Another tour of Holman Field will be scheduled soon. The Committee communicated with the NFL concerning the requested for décor locations and will tour both terminals with them in September. The Committee also met with MAC Landside to discuss the items that are needed for transportation wayfinding.
 We’ve issued the Super Bowl Short-term Retail Lease Application. It is due back to us by August 23rd, end of business day.
 There will be about 10 opportunities in Terminals 1 and 2.
 Looking to partner with existing tenants that allow for the sale of memorabilia in their Use Clause.
 We look forward to reviewing the applications on August 28th and awarding them.
Customer Service - Surprise and Delight/Customer Service – nothing to report.
Customs & Border Protection – nothing to report.
Emergency Preparedness – Kristi said the Concept of Operations draft plans are due September 1st. I am available to assist with pulling together the plan for your workgroup if needed. If you are planning any training or exercises to get prepared for SB52, please send the information to Kristi. Hours and staffing plans are in draft form for the emergency support locations (APD Situation Room, EOC, Multi-Agency Communications Center, etc). More information to follow.
 Reliever FBOs will be doing their own deicing – we will be receiving and processing glycol impacted stormwater – coordination with MCES for addition impacted stormwater processing – coordination with MPCA
 Delta – Reliever FBO deicing fluid collaboration
 Mark Miller deicing taskforces – deicing in contained areas – all at the pads – IDS will be doing the deicing
 Communication plan coordination with community leaders – MSP and relievers
 Con.Ops reports done Sept. 1
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – see attached.
Fire Department – no update.
Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Signature
 Signature Flight Support has partnered with IDS for deicing during the event. All deicing will be conducted by IDS on the 17/35 deice pad
 Rough draft of playbook that will be given to all outside employees has been written
 Welcome letter and important need to know information is being compiled for incoming aircraft crew and passengers
Information Technology – no update.
Law Enforcement – nothing to report
Media & Marketing – no update.
Mpls Police Department Aviation Dept – no update.
MN Host Committee – no update.
National Business Aviation Association – no update.
NFL – no update.
Regional Airports – nothing to report.
Reliever Airports - Reliever Airports: Staff continues to work with stakeholders to finalize operational plans. FBO PPR slots have been shared with SB Gameday Operations. Security and deicing solutions are in progress. Airfield lighting and materials are being ordered.
Sustainability – nothing to report.
Terminal Operations
 Terminal 1 - Facilities has completed a review of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 ventilation systems. The review focused on two areas. The first related to the mechanics of existing venting, cooling and heating mechanics and the need for additional staffing, materials and contractors if the system should fail. The second area of focus involved the evaluation of the introduction of an air borne threat into an air take system. A plan is being finalized and will be distributed to Kristi Rollwagen, and MAC Fire and Police. The plan will indicate areas of concern and how EMC will provide mitigation if an incident should occur.
MAC staff is requesting of the Commission in September, the purchase of approximately 9,000 square yards of carpet to replace worn carpet in Terminals 1 and 2. The replacement will take place shortly before the Super Bowl.
 Terminal 2 – nothing to report
Terminal Space Requests
The Terminal Space Request group is meeting every other Tuesday. To date, we have received requests and addressed space needs for retail pop-up shops, advertising, NFL branding, Foundation, Traveler’s Assistance and Arts & Culture. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 29 with the NFL Branding follow up on the agenda.
As a reminder, please submit terminal space requests with the link below. The Terminal Space Request group will review all requests for space in the terminals and work to determine the highest and best use of the space should there be multiple requests for the same area. We can also assist should your committee have a need for space, but are not certain where in the terminals would be an optimal location.
To assist you in getting your request in for review, we have developed a space request form. We ask that you fill out the request form with as much detail as possible in order to give us a good understanding of the request.
MSP Super Bowl Space Request Form
Transportation/Rental Cars – no update.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
 TSA is prepared to screen Friends & Family charters from T-2 CP-2
 Operationally for support at the airport TSA is set and preparing to identify those resources and locations they are coming from
 TSA is evaluating resource requests from Minneapolis PD
 TSA has approved Gateway Screening at Signature and St. Paul Airport
o 6 officers and 2 compliance personnel will support each location
o TSA expects to screen 1 aircraft every 15 minutes with the potential for 2 aircraft every 20 minutes, depends on personnel on aircraft, weather and size of aircraft
 We are currently scheduling volunteers from the MAC retirees group (pre-security), MAC staff and Armed Forces Service Center.
 We would like another call for volunteers by Public Affairs and Marketing.
 There will be a November orientation for MSPCrew52 volunteers in November
Committees** Please send notes & updates to
Next Meeting: September 21 from 9-10:30am
Location: T1-Lindbergh, Airport Conference Center – Commission Chambers
Kevin Baker, City of Mankato
Deb Bartell, FAA
Elizabeth Beck, Airport Foundation
Mark Bents, MAC
Brian Bourbeau, Premier Jet
Phil Burke, FAA
Jason Caminsky, City of Mankato
Elizabeth Campbell, Delta
Joseph Carney, S St Paul Airport
Kelly Chafe, Delta
Robert Dockry, MAC
Terry Ferguson, Travelers Assist
Sean Fortier, FAA
Dan Foster, MAC
Sara Freese, MAC
Winston Grover, CBP
Joe Harris, MAC
Jay Hassett, Delta
Steve Holes, MAC
Angela Johnson, Elliott Aviation
Katlyn Kaiser, MAC
Amy Kilian, MAC
Chad Leqve, MAC
Steve Mahon, Sun Country
David Mattsson, City of Mpls
Bill Mavencamp, St Cloud Aviation
Dave McMahon, TSA
Mark Miller, MAC
Jeff Nawrocki, MAC
Nancy Nistler, FAA
Dan O’Brien, Sun Country
Joe Potter, FAA
Dennis Probst, MAC
Karen Racek, MAC
Isabella Rhawie, MAC
Robyne Robinson, Airport Foundation
Brian Ryks, MAC
Atif Saeed, MAC
Kyle Schmaltz, Signature
Melissa Scovronski, MAC
Christine Kron Sirois, MAC
Scott Skramstad, MAC
Jeff St Germain, FAA
Stephanie Stoltz, St Croix Retail
Anna Swift, St Cloud Airport
Jake Teske, Thunderbird Aviation
Bobbie VanSchoohoven, Delta
Kate Webb, MAC
Jana Webster, Airport Foundation
John Welbes, MAC
Jesse Wieland, City of Mankato
Jonas Wohlberedt, MAC
Kevin Wright, MN Super Bowl Committee


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