MAC; 9/21/2017

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Thursday, September 21, 2017 10:33:00 AM

Super Bowl Notes & Updates
August 17, 2017
Airports Community Super Bowl Mission Statement:
Boldly welcoming Super Bowl LII to Minnesota, where our people are surprisingly warm, the airport communities world-class, and the experience unforgettable.
1. Introductions
2. Super Bowl Apparel – Pady Regnier, St Croix Retail, has been working on apparel for volunteers for the Super Bowl. See attached for more photos of items we’re looking at ordering (vest, long/short sleeved polo shirt, lanyard and scarf). Order forms will be sent out next week with the arrival of the apparel approximately early January.
3. Concept of Operations Plans – Kristi Rollwagen – thanks to everyone that sent in their plans. There are still a few that are outstanding and Kristi has made contact with everyone. Kristi believes we’re at the point where we can meet with the City of Minneapolis in the next couple of weeks and determine how they plan to take all the individual concept of operations plans and roll them up into an Event Action Plan.
4. MSP Committees Reports:
Accessibility – nothing to report but you can contact Ken Rodgers if you have questions, etc. at
Airfield – The draft CONOPS has been submitted. After meeting with Signature Flight Support, we’ve reduced the number of airfield signs that need to be removed for aircraft parking. MAC, FAA and Signature will be meeting on 9/22 to review aircraft movement to and from the runway and their parking positions.
Airlines – nothing to report.
Airport Development – The Airport Development report stated we have our project list together and we are currently vetting that list, making sure the details are correct and ensuring that projects listed that say they need to continue work during Super Bowl week actually need to continue working.
Arts – no response.
Branding/wayfinding – The Branding Committee attended and reported MAC activities and preparations at the 9/7 Host Committee Wayfinding meeting. The Committee toured MSP T1 and T2 with the NFL décor team to finalize and field verify locations for branding. The Committee also met with MAC Field Maintenance to discuss branding for the light poles along roadways at MSP and Relievers and snow removal equipment. Another tour of Holman Field with the Host Committee will be scheduled soon.
 Deadline for temporary popup applications submitted and reviewed
 Negotiating final placement, agreement and design
 Upon confirmation will engage retail tenants to ensure full coverage of both terminals with restrictions.
Customer Service - Surprise and Delight/Customer Service – nothing to report.
Customs & Border Protection – nothing to report.
Emergency Preparedness – nothing to report.
Environment – no response.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – See attached information.
Fire Department – no response.
Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Signature – nothing to report.
Information Technology – no response,
Law Enforcement
 Finalized and approved plans with T-2 Ops and MAC Landside Ops for team F&F ground transportation charters staging locations, loading locations and departure routes.
 Finalized and approved team arrivals ground transportation field access and departure routes as well as media point of entry gates, parking and satellite truck parking.
 Badging Updates
o No special Super Bowl badge will be introduced as we believe individuals would want to keep them as a souvenir.
o Any employee coming in for badging specifically for the Super Bowl will need to notate “Super Bowl” on the top of the first page of the badge application.
o Badge expirations for those being badged specifically for the Super Bowl will have an expiration of Feb. 6th (two days after the Super Bowl).
o Please e-mail Jake Hoehn ( with a tentative number of individuals your company is expecting to badge specifically for the Super Bowl – we would like this done ASAP.
o We are requesting that companies task those coming in for the Super Bowl to work in the non-sterile areas of the airport (ticketing, baggage claim, etc.) as to limit the number of badges needed.
Media & Marketing – no response.
Mpls Police Department Aviation Dept – Nothing to report
MN Host Committee – nothing to report.
National Business Aviation Association – nothing to report.
NFL – nothing to report
Regional Airports – nothing to report.
Reliever Airports – Staff is hosting stakeholders meetings to share information about activities and events with based tenants. Elements within the operational plans continued to be constructed.
Sustainability – no response.
Terminal Operations
T1 – no response.
T2 – Nothing to report.
Terminal Space Requests
The Terminal Space Request group continues to meet every other Tuesday. As a reminder, please submit terminal space requests with the link below. The Terminal Space Request group will review all requests for space in the terminals and work to determine the highest and best use of the space should there be multiple requests for the same area. We can also assist should your committee have a need for space, but are not certain where in the terminals would be an optimal location.
To assist you in getting your request in for review, we have developed a space request form. We ask that you fill out the request form with as much detail as possible in order to give us a good understanding of the request.
MSP Super Bowl Space Request Form
Transportation/Rental Cars – Landside has finalized the initial draft of the concept of operations plan. The plan has been shared with the Host Committee and NFL representatives. The plan covers all regulatory, operational and financial components, including holding lots, pick up locations at both terminals, permitting of commercial and courtesy vehicles and parking needs. We are looking forward to further polishing the plan as we get closer to the event.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – nothing to report.
We have contacted Armed Forces Service Center for the Super Bowl Host Committee with information on the 250 Armed Forces volunteers who could volunteer pre-security.
All MAC personnel who have contacted Travelers Assistance to date have been scheduled for shifts. MAC employees who wanted a booth option have been assigned a “co-volunteers” slot with one of our TA volunteers.
We have 150 TA volunteers who do not have permanent schedules who have been identified for 1st come 1st serve Super Bowl post-security shifts. They are yet to be scheduled.
Thanks to Public Affairs and Marketing for continuing to put out calls for volunteers for TA.
There will be a November orientation for MSP Crew 52 volunteers.
Please send notes & updates to
Next Meeting: October 19 from 9-11 am
Location: T1-Lindbergh, Airport Conference Center – Commission Chambers
Kevin Baker, City of Mankato
Deb Bartell, FAA
Elizabeth Beck, Airport Foundation
Mark Bents, MAC
Charile Beuning, MAC
Brian Bourbeau, Premier Jet
Phil Burke, MAC
Elizabeth Campbell, Delta
Joseph Carney, S St Paul Airport
Kyle Chank, MN Super Bowl Committee
Richard Ditto, FAA
Robert Dockry, MAC
Mike Everson, MAC
Terry Ferguson, Travelers Assist
Sean Fortier, FAA
Sara Freese, MAC
Roy Fuhrmann, MAC
Brian Funk, Metro Transit
Steve Gentry, MAC
Liz Grzechowiak, MAC
Jay Hassett, Delta
Matthew Hall, Signature
Jose Hernandez, Super Bowl
Chuck Hines, Delta
Steve Holes, MAC
Angela Johnson, Elliott Aviation
Katlyn Kaiser, MAC
Dave Karsnia, MAC
Nathan Kreyer, MAC
Heather Leide, MAC
Chad Leqve, MAC
Steve Mahon, Sun Country
Justin Malone, MAC
Kurt Mara, FAA
Manuel Matinez, FAA
Jeff Nawrocki, MAC
Brian Nevanen, CBP
Nancy Nistler, FAA
John Ostrom, MAC
Jim Pederson, Signature
Joe Potter, FAA
Karen Racek, MAC
Pady Reigner, SSP
Isabella Rhawie, MAC
Jan Ricos, United
Robyne Robinson, Airport Foundation
Kristi Rollwagen, MAC
Atif Saeed, MAC
Kyle Schmaltz, Signature
Melissa Scovronski, MAC
Scott Skramstad, MAC
Virginia Smith, FAA
Jeff St Germain, FAA
Stephanie Stoltz, St Croix Retail
Matt Snyder, Host Committee
Jake Teske, Thunderbird Aviation
Philip Tiedeman, SSP
Kate Webb, MAC
Jesse Wieland, City of Mankato


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